Liberty on the Land Podcast
Liberty on the Land is a podcast that will be exploring all aspects of achieving personal freedom by living on the land. We will be hearing testimonials from farmers who have had their livelihoods taken away through over-arching bureaucracy as well as freedom fighters who have found or are finding a path to freedom.

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Liberty on the Land – Ep 06 – Ross Anderson – The Health Risks and Solutions of EMF Wireless Technology

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Liberty on the Land Ep 05 – Doug Force – The Myth is Canada

Liberty on the Land Ep-04 – John Moody – Rogue Food and the Power of the Elderberry

Liberty on the Land Ep-03 – Kevin Annett – The truth behind the residnetial schools

Liberty in the Land Ep-02 – Cal Washington

Liberty in the Land Ep-01 – Takota Coen