• David Montfortd
    November 10, 2019

    Started to listen but stopped.
    When your speaker accuses the Vatican bank of laundering money for drugs
    and arms groups, you lost all credit. This man has made many charges but you
    never asked him about the evidence. You quoted from the bible. Something about truth. Truth demands facts.
    He talked about a girl being rape by a clergy. And the clergy didn’t know it was wrong. That is a lie. You didn’t challenge him. He even took it further and suggested all clergy thinks this way. That’s a lie. And still you didn’t challenge him. Every clergy knows rape is a grave wrong. This man hates the Catholic Church.
    If your going to interview someone, at least know something about the subject.
    You keep preaching about knowing both sides. It seems you did zero research
    on the Catholic church.
    If you want someone to listen to these interviews then keep the interview
    on subject or demand facts when the person makes false accusations.
    A small % of clergy have done evil things which demand justice.
    Justice must be fought for.
    Many whistle blowers have been married and didn’t divorce.
    Could it be this man is consume by hate. Hate that blinds him.
    Have lived with religious people who have been outspoken about an injustice
    but have been consume by their ego and hate. Not pleasant people to live

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