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  • Leslie J Plaisance
    November 29, 2019

    It is not city hall that you deal with.
    You send a Notice of Liability to the private person holding the position at the utility company because they are causing harm and we shall seek financial compensation for their harm in the millions of dollars.
    The templates for these NoLs are on the InPower website.
    Municipalities have no authority whatsoever, BTW.
    They only exist by consent or tacit agreement, but the people in key positions in them can also be held liable for harm and noticed.
    Microwaves have always been used as weapons.
    I have no source for this but SMART has been said to mean “Small Militarized Armaments Residential Technology” .
    This is a military assault being achieved through commercial means which is the Achilles heel.
    It’s about commerce therefore that is how you fix it through Equity Law, jurisdictions and Notices of Liability.
    Everyone out there please share this important talk.
    Thank you Curtis and Ross

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