• Steve Cha Shar
    February 4, 2020

    First of all this is a huge pill to swallow and it is ingenious, but insidious to what it has done to humanity. Think about it… the name on the birth certificate is a name that you think was given to you to use from cradle to grave… try to survive in the Crown system without it, and most people would kill to defend it… it does not belong to you and it is illegal to use. Why? The Crown owns the copy write… those who author own… maxim of universal law
    Did you ever wonder why getting the legal name from an individual is so important to the system? If you study copy write law you will discover that the title can’t be copy written but the body of works can. Sir, Mr., Mrs. etc., are titles, where the Crown book of registry is the body of works of all the birth certificate names in its domain and anything in that registry’s passage is copy write of the Crown.
    The B.A.R. British Accredited Registry allows special privileges to those individuals to the Crown’s copy write birth name. Therefore lawyers, judges, and those with BAR privileges can enter BAR jurisdictions in honour and use the birth certificate name. Those who believe the legal name is theirs and enter a Crown court without that privilege are committing fraud.
    Why not charge the individual with fraud the moment they utter their name or register their name… buy a house, car, bank account?
    Here’s the ingenious part, let the individual believe they can own something by registering it, but those in the system (BAR privileged) know once a non-BAR individual incriminates themselves by use of copy write, everything they registered belongs to the Crown. Why not incarnate when the crime is committed? It’s about control because possession is 9/10th of the law where control using legal enforcement is 10/10. Laws can control all aspect of societies throughout their jurisdiction with this method of fear.
    I am aware some of you may have taken time and expense to acquire the profession of law as your living, but understand we’ve all been duped by this con game because it is of divine deception. If you didn’t know universe (uni and verse) is both good and evil, but the good/evil/live thing is you get to choose. Ignorance of this deception is no excuse because if we know of anything that causes inequality through jurisdiction of man’s law without balancing equality with the Natural laws of the Universe it is deception.
    I have nothing registered to the Crown System, not even a library card, it’s not easy, but I will never turn back. You’ve been informed, now it is up to you to choose. Don’t trust me, trust in you. “It’s illegal to use/claim/think that you’re a legal name.” Fair well mate, you will be tested by the choices you make -lo Ve of love… search legal name fraud fb SteV ChaShar

  • breezybrow
    February 28, 2020

    A good presentation on this
    “The Servant King” website and YouTube videos, by

    New here. Not sure if discussed already

    • Curtis Stone
      March 12, 2020

      Yes, he’s great. Watched all of his stuff.

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